A Guide to Recognizing Diabetic Foot Problems

Minor wounds, cuts, and burns are an inevitable part of life. However, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, they can significantly jeopardize your health.

In fact, these complications are responsible for a good portion of all non-traumatic lower-limb amputations! (Scary, right?)

That’s why preventing wounds, and quickly treating any that appear, must be a top priority for anyone with diabetes. It could easily be the difference between continuing to live an active life with two healthy feet, or losing part of your leg to a medically necessary amputation.

The good news is that the expert podiatrists at Waco Foot & Ankle can help you not only treat dangerous diabetic problems but also prevent them from happening in the first place. So if you have developed any concerning symptoms in your lower limbs, come visit our office right away to get the help you need today.

Even better: get valuable information on how to best care for your feet and what concerning symptoms you should be on the lookout for right in our e-book, “A Helpful Guide to Recognizing Diabetic Foot Problems.”

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