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Proactive Care at the Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center

Millions of Americans deal with heel pain on a regular basis, and in many cases it can be debilitating. All of a sudden, activities you used to look forward to become difficult or impossible to complete.

The experts at Waco Foot & Ankle understand that heel pain treatment isn’t really about the pain itself—it’s about getting you back to doing the things you love. It’s about being able to go to work, go for a run, play with your kids, have fun, and take care of your home and family without hobbling. It’s about living the life you want to live, without pain or restriction.

That’s why we founded the Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center. Heel pain may be common, and it may be debilitating, but with the right treatment plan and an experienced physician, most cases are easily treatable—even if you’ve lived with pain for years.

Our team of experts put their years of experience and the latest state-of-the-art treatment protocols, technologies, and solutions to use so that you can regain the lifestyle you once enjoyed. Heel pain is not inevitable. It is not just a normal part of getting older. It is a problem that needs fixing, and no one does that better than the trusted podiatrists at Waco Heel Pain Center.

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Not All Heel Pain is Created Equal

Although the symptoms may seem similar, heel pain has many causes and comes in many different forms. Possible conditions include soft tissue injuries like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, stress fractures of the bone, pinched nerves, and more.

Our team will get right to work at getting to the bottom of your heel pain. What’s the problem? What caused it? Gait abnormalities, poor footwear, athletic overuse—all these factors (and more) could play a role.

Only by identifying the correct cause and condition can the right treatment be prescribed. At Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center, you can trust that our team will be as thorough as possible in the diagnosis phase so that your treatment program actually works.

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Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Treatment Options

Medicine is constantly changing. Yesterday’s “gold standard” treatment may no longer be good enough. At Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center, our experts strive to remain on the cutting edge so that we can bring you the most advanced and effective treatments and technologies. State-of-the-art options available at our office include stem cell therapy and MLS laser therapy, among others.

At the same time, sometimes the simplest remedies can still be highly effective for certain forms of pain. Tried-and-true options like physical therapy, orthotics, and even plain rest still have their place in many comprehensive treatment approaches for heel pain.

When you come to our office, we aren’t going to waste your time with treatments that won’t work, but we aren’t going to push you toward an expensive solution that you don’t really need, either. What you get is a team of specialists totally focused on giving you options and providing you the best possible care to fit your needs and goals, whatever that may be.


Get Back on Your Feet

The key to heel pain relief is a quick, correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. You don’t need to be stuck on the sidelines any longer! To schedule an appointment with the Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center in Waco, give us a call today at (254) 776-6995.