Ingrown Toenails

Our Award-Winning Physicians Can Help Treat & Resolve Your Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are the result of toenails cutting into the surrounding skin along the corner or edge. Pain can range from moderate to severe, and the toe may also be quite tender. If untreated, an infection may develop; symptoms of an infected toe include redness and pus drainage. If this occurs, don’t wait to get treatment! The infection can worsen, and potentially lead to loss of the toe.

Ingrown toenails may be caused by factors including:

  • Improper nail trimming
  • Congenital curving of the nail
  • Wearing tight or narrow shoes
  • Wearing high heels
  • Toe deformities that lead to pressure on the nail
  • Traumatic injuries to the toe
  • Nail fungus

Ingrown toenails can occur once or be a frequent problem. We have treatment options for both.

Removing an ingrown nail can be performed with minimal pain. Whether this is your first or hundredth, we can help take care of your ingrown toenail. Never attempt to cut out an ingrown toenail on your own! “Bathroom surgery” is very painful and can often lead to a worse infection.

Can Ingrown Toenails be Prevented?

Yes, they can. If you suffer from chronic ingrown nails, suffer no more. With a simple, in-office procedure the ingrown nail can be removed forever. Wait no longer—call (254) 776-6995 today.

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