Heel Pain Treatment

At Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center, our team of specialists is dedicated to offering a comprehensive set of treatments for heel pain, from traditional remedies to the latest and most advanced technologies and protocols. Each patient who walks through our doors receives our undivided attention, complete focus, and a treatment plan focused on helping them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Read on to learn more about some of the treatment options we offer. 

Traditional Conservative Care

When heel pain first strikes, tried-and-true remedies are often the first line of defense. Conservative, traditional care remedies are often effective pain relievers, especially when they are used early in the process—before symptoms get out of hand.

Of course, the best treatment options will vary depending on the diagnosis. However, common remedies may include:

  • RICE. This stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. In short, give your feet a break for a bit. Avoid activities that are painful, and use a combination of ice, compression wraps, and propping your feet up to keep the swelling down, soothe pain, and allow your tissues to heal.
  • Physical therapy. Depending on the injury, stretches and exercise for your heels, arches, and/or calves can relieve discomfort.
  • Braces or splints. Devices such as these can keep your calves elongated at night, reducing the pain you feel when you take your first steps of the morning.
  • Custom Orthotics. If your pain is related to a structural flaw in your feet or abnormality in your walking gait, shoe inserts are often an effective remedy. These range from simple, mass-produced arch supports to full contact orthotics custom-made for each individual foot.
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Advanced Alternatives to Surgery

At Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the best of the advanced, state-of-the-art options for heel pain. These methods are extremely effective at relieving even the toughest, most chronic pain, helping you avoid the frustration of surgery.

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Amniotic Allograft Therapy

Stems cells are a critical component of your body’s natural repair system. While other types of cells can only make copies of themselves, stem cells can divide and differentiate into any type of cell that the body might need to close a wound or repair tissue damage. At our office, we use amniotic flowables to draw out your body’s own stem cells and re-invigorate your natural healing and repair mechanisms. The medication is made from voluntarily-donated amniotic membranes, which would normally be discarded after a healthy birth. These cells contain a powerful mix of proteins, growth factors, cytokines, and other components with significant regenerative properties. The results we achieved for patients with amniotic treatments have shown it to be highly effective for treating heel pain and other soft tissue injuries. The stem cells are injected directly into the location where pain is occurring, where it recruits nearby stem cells and quickly works to reduce pain and inflammation and repair damaged tissues.

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an exciting new technology that has shown incredible results in treating chronic heel pain and other soft tissue injuries. The MLS laser is a further improvement on older technology, offering the therapeutic benefits of higher-powered lasers without the associated risks. The device emits a pair of synchronized laser beams tuned to highly specific wavelengths—808 nm and 905 nm. Without causing any pain or damaging any of your own tissues, these beams of light can stimulate your body’s own cells up to a depth of about 4 centimeters. This not only provides an analgesic effect to fight pain, but reduces swelling, accelerates natural healing and tissue repair, boosts circulation and metabolism, improves nerve function, and more. Other advantages of laser therapy? It’s completely safe and non-invasive, it doesn’t require any medications, has no negative side effects, and is highly effective in more than 85% of cases.

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Surgical Care

The vast majority of heel pain conditions can be treated effectively before surgery even becomes a consideration. However, once in a while, a more aggressive approach is needed. Our expert surgical team will carefully review your condition and go over your options with you carefully. We’ll also ensure you get all the instructions, information, and support you need to manage your recovery and rehabilitation program successfully.

Whatever your goals may be, our team can help you reach them. To take your first step toward pain-free heels, give us a call at (254) 776-6995.