MLS Laser Therapy – For Pain Relief and Recovery

MLS laser therapy is an advanced form of treatment that we are very pleased to provide at Waco Foot & Ankle. For patients who may need faster recovery from certain injuries, or something to “kickstart” the healing process for a source of chronic pain, MLS laser therapy can be an extremely effective technology to consider.

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS stands for “Multiwave Locked System.” It consists of a device containing a pair of therapeutic lasers set to very specific wavelengths: 805nm (nanometers) and 905nm.

These wavelengths are applied in a synchronized way to the source of an injury or other form of damage. As they penetrate through the skin (without causing any pain or damage of their own), they instigate therapeutic reactions in the area:

  • Stimulating cellular functions. The light energy from the lasers causes cells in the area to conduct their processes faster – including growth and repair. This increase in metabolic activity is a bit like speeding up the clock at a construction site.
  • Restarting the healing process. Sometimes chronic pain will persist because the body has essentially “given up” on the recovery process. Stimulation from MLS laser therapy may restart this function, leading to proper healing and pain relief.
  • Increased blood flow. Blood flow to the disrupted area is increased, and in many cases new capillaries are constructed to provide more efficient delivery of blood to cells in the area. All of this means that much-needed growth factors and nutrients that cells need to do their work are brought to them more effectively.
  • Improved immune function. The response at the site of damage can also summon a higher immune system presence. Increased blood flow can also carry away more waste from the area.
  • Improved nerve function. Nerve cells that are not receiving sufficient blood flow can benefit from responses to laser therapy.

We can adjust the lasers as needed for specific cases, and the entire system is fully FDA-approved.

MLS Laser Therapy – For Pain Relief and Recovery

What is Treatment Like?

A typical course of MLS laser therapy may last several sessions, scheduled out over weeks or months depending on a patient’s particular needs.

A laser session lasts about 20 minutes, during which the lasers will be attuned and applied to the area in need. Many patients report a warming sensation at the site during a session, but no pain or discomfort.

After a session is complete, you are free to continue with your day as normal. You do not need to prepare for a session in any special way, nor do you have to perform any aftercare.

Many patients report positive results after their very first session, but it may take more for some patients to feel significant effects. Positive benefits stack with each successive treatment, however, so the results should become better and better as you progress.


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What Can MLS Laser Treat?

This form of regenerative treatment is highly versatile, and may be considered for a number of conditions – often when soft tissue injuries are involved.

Some of the conditions that MLS laser might be considered for include:

Whether we will consider laser therapy for a particular condition or not will depend on many of the factors surrounding it. In many cases, more traditional therapies may be enough to effectively treat the problem, while others may only benefit from more advanced methods.

Find the Relief and Recovery You Need

If you have pain in your foot or ankle and conservative treatments have not yielded the results you need, it may be time to consider a more advanced treatment such as MLS laser therapy. We can help you get to the source of the problem and recommend a way forward that best suits your individual situation.

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