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Our Award-Winning Physicians Can Help With Your Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes mellitus, your feet are at risk.

Diabetes can cause two major complications: nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation. Neuropathy causes loss of feeling in your feet, resulting in your inability to feel pain or detect damage to your feet that needs immediate treatment. Poor circulation, meanwhile, leads to your inability to heal wounds.

The statistics are dire. About 25% of the diabetic population will develop foot ulceration during the life of the disease. Of those, 20% will require an amputation to stop a progressing infection—a toe, a foot, or even part of the leg.

Fortunately, these complications can be avoided. Good blood sugar control will prevent you from developing neuropathy and poor circulation. However, if you already have neuropathy or poor circulation, start protecting your feet today.

The good news for you is that foot ulcerations can be prevented, even if you already suffer from some form of neuropathy or poor circulation. We will be able to tell you ways to prevent complications that could occur to your foot. We will start by evaluating your feet and then determining your risk level. From there we will establish the proper care you will need. Simple things that you can start today are listed below:

  • Check your feet daily. Look at your feet for any cuts or open wounds. If you are unable to look at the bottom of your foot, place a mirror on the ground and look that way. If any problems arise come in immediately.
  • Do not walk barefoot. Walking barefoot will expose your foot to hitting or stepping on something. Protect your skin from breaking open and you can stop an infection!
  • Check your shoes. Ensure that there is nothing in your shoe that could harm you.
  • Use a moisturizing cream. Apply it daily to twice daily to keep the skin soft. This will prevent dry, cracked skin that can become infected.

We offer diabetic shoes to help protect your feet from complications. We are proud to be one of the few offices in the Waco area offering them. Do not trust the local shoe store to know what shoe is best for you. Trust our podiatrists, who have the knowledge and training to know what is best for you.

These shoes are not the “Frankenstein” shoes you are used to seeing. There have been great improvements in the design of diabetic shoes, with many fashionable styles available for both many and women. Diabetic shoes are often covered by your insurance, so be sure to ask us about getting a pair during your checkup.

All people with diabetes should get a podiatric checkup at least once per year, and should schedule an appointment immediately if any ulcers or other problems develop. You can contact the diabetic foot care experts at Waco Foot & Ankle online, or by calling (254) 776-6995.

At Waco Foot & Ankle, our team of highly trained, award-winning physicians is guided by a simple goal—helping you recover as quickly as possible from whatever is hurting your feet or ankles, so that you can go back to living the lifestyle you enjoy.

We provide a full range of services for almost all common (and not so common) injuries, illnesses, deformities, and other conditions of the feet and ankles. And we listen and work closely with you to develop a custom treatment plan that works best for your condition, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Read on to learn more about the conditions we treat, and some of the advanced services we provide.

Specialty Areas

The Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center

Millions of Americans suffer from heel pain on a regular basis, for a wide range of reasons—shoes, occupations, hobbies, structural problems with their feet, and more. But heel pain is not inevitable. And at our Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center, the doctors of Waco Foot & Ankle can diagnose and reverse your heel pain using a variety of both traditional and advanced methods, including stem cell therapy and MLS laser therapy.

Sports Injury Care

Texans love to play—whether that means football, soccer, baseball, running, or any other sport! Unfortunately, that can often lead to painful, sometimes even debilitating injuries to the feet and ankles. Fortunately for you, the team at Waco Foot & Ankle offers advanced care options for traumatic injuries like sprains and broken bones, as well as overuse injuries like shin splints and stress fractures. The goal, of course? Getting you back in the game at 100%, as quickly and as safely as possible.

Women’s Foot Care

While almost all foot problems can occur in both sexes, some conditions are just much more likely to develop in women due to differences in foot structure, biochemistry, and even popular footwear styles. Our physicians are experts in dealing with common women’s foot problems—including bunions, hammertoes, and skin conditions—and can provide multiple treatment options to best suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Wound Care

Did you know that about 25% of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their lifetime—and that nearly 100,000 Americans per year require amputations to stop the progression of diabetic wounds with uncontrolled infections? At our office, we provide advanced wound care—including the use of amniotic stem cells—to heal diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and other types of lower extremity wounds as quickly as possible.

Other Conditions We Treat and Services We Provide

In addition to the specialty areas mentioned above, the Waco Foot & Ankle team provides the highest quality care for a wide variety of other conditions. Click any of the buttons below to learn more about our service areas.

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