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When to see a Foot & Ankle Specialist?

Have you ever wondered, when should you see a foot and ankle surgeon?  In a nutshell, if you’re experiencing pain or have a problem in your foot, heel, or ankle, it’s important to see an expert in this field—a foot and ankle surgeon.  But you might be wondering: What exactly is a foot and ankle surgeon? And how do you know when it’s time to make an appointment?

What Is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?

Foot and ankle surgeons are the surgical specialists of the podiatric profession.  They provide complete medical and surgical care for a wide variety of conditions—from sudden injuries to chronic disorders—that can affect people of every age.

Foot and ankle surgeons are highly educated and trained in their field.  After earning a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree from a 4-year podiatric medical school, they undergo an intensive postgraduate residency in podiatric medicine and surgery.  These residencies, which usually take 3 years, are similar to those for MDs and DOs. The big difference is that DPMs handle a higher volume of cases involving foot and ankle problems, giving them special expertise in this part of the body.

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When to See a Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Physicians of Waco Foot & Ankle and Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center

  • Pain or discomfort in foot, heel, or ankle
  • Changes in appearance of foot or ankle such as:
  • Growths or lump
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration (bruising or redness)
  • Abnormality, for example:
  • Certain medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis
  • Unhealed sore on the foot
  • Injuries such as sprains, fractures, and torn tendons
  • These often require emergency care that we can provide. Avoid those high copays of emergency room and with same day appointments we can help you today.

It is not normal to have pain in your heel, foot or ankle.  This pain also often limits you from doing the activities you enjoy.  Many conditions do not get better with time due to the fact that the average person walks 5000-7000 steps a day.  Let us help your pain go away so you can get back to the life you enjoy.  Also, if you have diabetes, it is necessary to have proper foot care (that we can provide!) to maintain the overall health of your feet.

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