Take Our Heel Pain Test!

Do you suffer from heel pain? Then welcome to the club!

The painful reality is that most of us will experience this frustrating problem at least once in a while. And though for some the pain is only mild and fairly temporary, this is not always the case for all heel pain sufferers.

In fact, for millions of Americans, this type of discomfort interferes with living their best lives. That may mean being less active and not playing favorite sports, or simply not being able to enjoy the little things in life, like taking a stroll at the park. (Does that sound familiar?)

Well, for starters, it’s important that you understand that heel pain is a symptom; not a condition. And there are many different foot and ankle conditions that can cause your heels to complain – from soft tissue injuries to pinched nerves.

So if you want to get rid of heel pain once and for all, your first step should be coming to our office for an accurate diagnosis. Why? Because only then will you know which treatment options are available for your specific condition – the treatment options that will actually provide the relief you have been looking for. After all, you wouldn’t take a migraine pill for a stomachache, right?

The bottom line is:

Knowing what is causing the problem is the only way to beat it.

And before curiosity kills the cat – or your feet – we wanted to create a test that will shed some light on what exactly is making your heels unhappy. All you have to do is answer a few questions and see where the flow chart takes you!

heel pain treatment waco texas

Note: This test should not be used as an ultimate diagnostic tool. Though the information given was created to be as accurate as possible, it’s still important that you come to our office for a professional evaluation and diagnosis. 

If heel pain is keeping you from enjoying your best life, give us a call at (254) 776-6995 to schedule an appointment today.